5 Best Books On Writing Which Are Eye-Opening For Every Writer

Writing is an essential skill today in the world primarily in the industry of marketing and entrepreneurship.

And one of the most common questions I get about writing is what the best books on writing are?

But, the frequent question with most amateurish writers is how to write better(content) and write more. And it’s an exceptional question too – because if every human can think, why can’t they write. If you can’t think, then the question is valid, but writing is like thinking, and thinking is writing.

The answer is simple.

The more you think clearly, the more you can write better. The more you write, the better you will think.. 

The biggest question on your mind is likely how to think clearly and better so you can write better. The answer you have already heard but it is hard to digest is you have to read more, consume more. It means that you need to be a reader first.  

Does reading help you write better- 

Yes, only intentional reading helps you write better. When you observe why, what, and how the author has written that book, you consume the content and absorb it in a better way. You take inspiration from his writing style and his thoughts. And it shows when you write and reflect on your writing. 

Reading books will help improve your vocabulary, and it also improves your ability to write and speak better.

Reading is like an exercise for learning the language if   you want to write or speak. Reading opens your mind to new words and ideas. It takes you to a new level of learning.

So here is the list of the 5 best books on writing which will change your perspective about writing, why you should write, and how to write more and more.

Everybody Writes By- Ann Handley

best books to improve your writing, best books on writing

This book is one of the best books in my kindle store. It covers how and what to write for the web. It is also the best book on writing for beginners. This one book has changed my wrong beliefs about writing in this age of digital. The first thing is that it assures every other writer and me that even if I am writing or creating content for my blog, I am also becoming a writer. Second, she gave valuable tips from her book on being a good marketer and writer for a career in the marketing and writing side. 

As a content creator, what are the advantages of writing you can gain on the web? The author says that we all do writing probably on the internet. i.e., Facebook posts, Linkedin posts, Tweets, or write emails frequently as needed. That is all we frequently do. That’s how we can start writing and become a writer.

Atomic Habits By- James Clear

best books to improve your writing, best books on writing

This book is not probably a writing book, but as the title of this book suggests, you can think of one of the best books to improve your writing. The author teaches that we all are creatures of habit. And most great writers in this world have a good habit of writing a few daily sentences. Most of us new writers become under confident when they think that you need a good art of writing to become a writer.

No writing is a habit, not an art. Our lazy lizard brain thinks that to send an excuse not to do that work. Minor improvements every day in writing accumulate into remarkable results. In this, you learn more about how to build good habits and how to break bad habits.

One keynote I want to share is that success is the by-product of daily habits. So if you also want some success from your writing journey, you have to make a habit of writing. 

On Writing: A Memoir Of The Craft- Stephen King

best book on writing for beginners

If as a beginner asks me what books I should read if I want to be a writer.  I recommend this book, As one of the most inspiring books for great writers.

This book inspires me to write whatever or wherever you are in your life. I thought that writing was art first, so I had to learn the art of writing first, but reading this book has changed my perspective. He says that writing is a craft first. A craft needs tools to make good art. As a writer, your tools are the basics of vocabulary, grammar, and style. If you read this book, you can imagine the world’s most great writer and mentor sitting in front of you, giving you his experience and teachings. 

The War Of Art By – Steven Pressfield

what books I should read if I want to be a writer, best book on writing for beginners

One harsh truth about writing is we all aspiring writers or creators face resistance and a lot of procrastination on things. You are not alone, and even everyone faces these challenges in writing too. And this book will guide you on how to defeat the enemy of creativity, resistance, a destructive force inside every human nature.

You learn to be aware of the resistance when it stops you from doing work. The book tells more profoundly that to become an artist, you have to know yourself. Then you see what fears or resistances are stopping you from doing the work.

Words Power Made Easy By- Norman Lewis

best books on writing to improve English and build vocabulary

If you are one of them who ask questions like how can I improve my vocabulary and writing skills. 

This book is my recommendation in the series of best books on writing to improve English and build vocabulary. In this book, you will learn how to pronounce words, write correct words and spell them correctly. In each section of this book, you will increase your vocabulary and grammar by Doing a progress check.

It also gives many practical ideas for acquiring and building vocabulary in your English writing and speeches. That is not a reading book only , it is a practical book. You learn from this book by writing and saying the words loudly. A most recommended book for especially non-native writers. If you read a few pages of this book every day, you will add new words daily in your writing. 


These are the few books you can read to acquire knowledge that helps you write better and become a good writer. 

Learning is important to become what you want, but it will waste your time if you do not practice or implement what you learn from these books. These books can help you reach your destiny a little easier. 

Not only  becoming  a writer,  these books also help you in your both personal and professional life like thinking clearly, changing habits, speaking, and marketing. 

Yes, you heard me right. These books help every aspiring writer or content creator. But to become a great writer, you have to write more than others.

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